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Brief review

Blocked websites can be frustrating. The best way to get around a blocked website is to change your IP address – or pretend to change it. SmartHide does exactly that: provides you with a disguised IP address, and hides yours, so that you can access any site on the Internet. Using this program proved to be simple, and the setup process was a cinch. SmartHide is an ideal program to use whether you are familiar with IP disguising or are new to the concept.


This program is really easy to use. Not only is it easy to use, but it offers options and features that other programs in its class do not. If you’ve tried various online privacy tools, you may have noted that some of the available programs are more than slightly frustrating. SmartHide sets up quickly, includes easy to read Help file options, and comes with a great on-the-fly IP on/off button.

Main Function

If you want to hide your current IP address, few programs will prove as good as SmartHide. This program worked flawlessly when downloaded, didn’t come with any bloatware, and effectively hid all IP addresses. In conclusion, SmartHide is a great option for anyone seeking to hide an IP address.

Extra Features

While not really a feature, the fact that the developer behind SmartHide has its own secure network is a great thing. Thanks to this network, all personal business can be conducted using SmartHide without worrying about hackers and security problems.


The limited free trial version of this program should give you a good idea of how the program works. But, the $24.95 price is really worth every penny.


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Reviewed by Danny Mills
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